Black Mold Testing

black mold testingIt can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Learning that your home is infested with black mold can be a daunting reality that must be dealt with as soon as possible. It can cause a number of serious health problems and if left untreated, can spread throughout the house. Black mold can form on organic material in areas where there is high moisture and poor ventilation. It often first appears as a slight yellowish discoloration on a wall, baseboard or other area prone to conditions favorable for the growth. As it begins to flourish, it can have a slimy dark green to blackish color.

Health Effects

It is important to treat black mold as soon as possible because it can affect your health. Nasal or sinus congestion, chronic coughs, eye irritation and aggravation of asthma all can be the result of the presence of the fungus. Those with allergies are very susceptible to the deleterious health effects mold can trigger.

Detect and Destroy

black mold test kitCatch mold quickly, because the more it is allowed to flourish the more it will spread and it can cost a great deal of money to eradicate. Early detection of a small patch of black mold can easily be treated by first determining the cause of the conditions that allow the spores to grow. If you have a leak or some other reason why the area is always damp, correct that problem. You can remove the mould by simply taking a bucket of soapy water and scrubbing the area clean. Be sure to wear protective clothing and avoid breathing in the spores by wearing a mask or respirator (in severe cases).

Black Mold Test Kits

You can go testing the mould by purchasing one of several types of black mold test kits. A Lift Tape test kit basically involves applying a piece of tape to the area known to contain mold and sending it into the laboratory for analysis. This will usually cost about $30.00 for each test kit sample sent for analysis.

Black Mold Air Testing

The best test kit is one that checks the air for mold. It is the type most often used by professional mold remediation companies. Here a machine is used to test your air for the presence of mould. A small cassette is inserted into the machine, a pump is turned on and the air is sampled in the area where the fungus is suspected. It is then sent to the lab for analysis. You will receive a detailed report of the type of mold and how concentrated it is in the air for about $75.00 per test.

Mold Testing Cost

Black mold testing labs can charge anywhere from about $25.00 to upwards of $200.00 depending on the type of tests performed. There is no standard amount charged and different labs charge different fees. It is wise to get quotes from several different labs. Once you find out how severe your mould problem is, you may need to hire a company trained in the removal of black mold. This can be a very expensive proposition as a single wall that is contaminated can run you close to $3,000.

So before they come in and seal off part of your house and you have to check into a hotel while your house is cured of the black fungus, take care to inspect and treat any signs of black mold as soon as possible.